Runner Mantra Jewelry

Runner Mantra Jewelry: How To Match Jewelry With Outfit

The runner mantra jewelry is an adorned handmade piece, dropping from the neck to the chest, mostly with a crafted pendant that depicts simplicity and uniqueness. It is specifically designed to make an individual feel special. Consequently, you can craft your initials on the pendant of your runner mantra jewelry.

When combining your outfit with jewelry, there are certain factors to be considered. Most times, people ignore the basics of balance. Enhancing your outfit with the right jewelry strikes a balance which can take you from being boring to the being the center of attraction. Here are a few factors to consider:

1) The color (of both the outfit and jewelry)

If your outfit is plain, or neutral like black and white, a colorful jewelry can make it look even more creative. You can also use jewelry that is made from metal or real stones since gold, silver and its likes are not selective. However, if your outfit is colorful, your accessories should not be loud.

2) Scale of the Fabric

When your outfit is patterned or sequined, a simple jewelry will do.

3) Style and Design of the Outfit*

For a casual outfit like a denim and shirt, the jewelry would fit. The same goes for a simple black dress depending on the components of other accessories like bangles. Furthermore, a necklace with a dropping pendant would be perfect for an outfit with a revealing neck. The aim here is for the jewelry to be noticed to the point where the eye is attracted to.

4) The Occasion or Event

The occasion or event should determine the kind of jewelry you use. For instance, an office wear should not be adorned with dangling jewelry as you may find your work stressful and distracting. But in the event of a red carpet, a flowing sequined gown should be combined with a bold and sparkling brooch choked slightly to the neck.

5) Your Skin Tone

Your jewelry has to match the color of your skin just as the fabric does. For example, a bright red dress would be splendid with a light-skinned woman, and if the dress is off shouldered and reveals the neck bones down to the chest, a black jewelry and whole set bangles on your hand will speak volumes.

There are different ways to combine your runner necklaces as they come in a variety of colors. For example, a layered golden or silver necklace with a dropping stone can be combined with a metallic choker while wearing a deep V-neck dress or blouse. You can also choose to wear a runner mantra in the case of a skivvy or turtleneck blouse, sweater or gown.

A vintage necklace consisting of beads and floral can rock well with unique office dresses and round neck polo with jeans while a round neckline requires a short necklace to enhance your bust. You should ensure that the neckpiece is not so short that it makes your neck look small. In the area of rings, gold and silver rings never go out of vogue, but rings with colored stones should be worn on dark colored outfits.


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