Necklace For Runners

Considerations And Maintenance Of Necklace For Runners

When choosing a necklace for runners, there are a few important factors to consider whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone. You need to order the necklace for runners from a store that offers a wide variety.

Consider the length

You need to factor in the length of whatever necklace for runners you intend to buy. This implies that you should already know the best necklace length for you. Necklaces for runners usually come in about 14 inches to about 42 inches in length.

There are chokers that are even shorter. Most runners prefer chokers because they dangle less while running. However, some of them still prefer long necklaces. You should have a particular length in mind.

Uniqueness of design

When it comes to jewelry, uniqueness is the key. No matter how beautiful a particular type or design of necklace is, you won’t like it when you begin to see the exact type on the neck of several runners and non-athletes. Common designs feel cheap while unique ones feel quite expensive.

Ease of maintenance

Consider the material of the necklace. Is it a material that can be maintained easily? It is always good to opt for a material that only requires cleaning with a piece of cloth like silver, bronze or even gold.


Some necklaces are much more durable than others because of their materials. Remember, some materials react to long term exposure to sun or sweat. Since it is almost impossible to run without sweating, you might need to confirm that the necklace does not react to sweat before you buy it. If you can afford it, you should buy a necklace that can last for decades.

How to maintain your necklace

The proper maintenance of a necklace depends on the material of the necklace. Maintenance of gold necklaces is different from maintenance of silver necklaces. However, the tips below will work for most kind of necklaces.

Clean with polishing cloth

You can make use of polishing microfiber cloth. This cloth has been treated with polish so it cleans and shines gold, silver and bronze necklaces more effectively than other kinds of cloth. It is very cheap. It costs less than $5. Clean your necklace with a piece of microfiber cloth once after every five usages.

Soak in warm soapy water

You can soak your necklace in gentle soapy water before rinsing and cleaning it with paper towel. The most suitable kind of soap for this is dish soap like Dawn.

Wash with a tooth brush

Your hand cannot get to every crevice of the necklace so it is better to use soft brush. This will get to every part and it can be used to remove stubborn stains. Never allow any stain to last for 24 hours immediately you see one. Just soak the necklace in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes to weaken the stain before brushing it off.

Use of ultrasonic machines

You can also use ultrasonic machines to clean your necklace. However, there is a little precaution to take. Most metals like gold and silver are good for ultrasonic treatment, gemstones like pearl are not. Ultrasonic machines can damage some gemstones so if your necklace has a pendant with a gemstone, you either remove the pendant before sending it into an ultrasonic machine or don’t even take the necklace near the machine.


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