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How To Take Care Of Your Opal Jewelry For Runners

Among the materials used in making jewelry for runners, opal seems to be the most difficult to maintain. That is because most people do not know to maintain it. So, when it comes to jewelry for runners, people shy away from opal.

Some opals come in a single piece and several others come in layers of two or three. These layers have been glued together. This is why the cleaning techniques of opal is determined by its form.

How to clean your opal earrings

The suitable techniques for cleaning your opal earrings are determined by whether the opals on your earrings are doublet, triplet or singles. Some opals come in a single piece and several others come in layers of two or three. These layers have been glued together. And all of them are used for opal earrings.

This implies that you need to determine what your opal earrings are made with. Is it triplet opal, doublet opal and single opal? This will determine the kind of cleaning method you will adopt. The very first step is to make a cleaning solution. Pour some detergent into a half cup of warm water. If your earrings are made of solid opal, you can just swish them inside the solution. This should be done for about 30 seconds before bringing them out. Then, you should wipe them with a piece of cloth.

If your earrings are made with either triplet or doublet opal, it is wrong to immerse them in the solution. This is because, the solution can react with the glue (doublet and triplet opals are glued layers of opals). The reaction can weaken the glue and the layers of opals will separate. Instead of immersion, wet a piece of cloth with the solution and wipe the wet cloth all over your earrings.

All opal jewelry should be cleaned like this once every two months. This will prevent the gemstones from accumulating a lot of dirt. When the dirt is getting too much, the face of your gemstone will become dull. Not only that, cleaning will also be a little more difficult.

Opals are set on a metal frame most times, the metal frame also need to be cleaned too. Both the opal and its metal frame need to be cleaned before your earring can shine brightly. To clean the metal frame, you need to dip a toothbrush in the same solution. Then, use it to clean the metal frame. Do not use the toothbrush on the opal itself. It can scratch the surface of your opal.

How to store your opal earrings

You need to wrap your earrings in a piece of cloth and put them in an air-proof plastic bag. If you are storing different kinds of jewelries in the same plastic, wrap each of them in a separate cloth. This is meant to prevent them from scratching each other.

Opals are made of a combination of water and sand. In fact, all opals usually have from 2 to 10 percent water content. So, they can crack when they dry out. This is why you should wet the piece of cloth before wrapping your opals with it.

In conclusion, hopefully, if more people understand how to handle opal, its demand will no longer be lower than the demand of other jewelry for runners.


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