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Taking Care Of Your Leather Distance Runner Jewelry

Leather distance runner jewelry has become so fashionable. They now come in a wide variety. There are so many leather distance runner jewelry and accessory types and styles. Leather jewelry and accessories go well with different fashions and they are getting popular worldwide. Of all leather jewelry and accessory types and styles, the commonest one is the leather bracelets. This is because it goes with different casual wears like jeans and t-shirts. A leather bracelet also goes with formal dressing.

Leather distance runner jewelry can be made of faux leather, suede or real leather. Taking care of your leather jewelry depends on their material. How to take care of each material has been outlined right below.


Although leather is now made from hide of different kinds of animal, most leathers are made from cow hide. These leathers are tanned and put it into different beautiful and stylish finishes.

Taking care of leather is very easy. You should spray leather protector on it ones in a while. In addition, you should always clean it regularly leather conditioner and a piece of soft cloth. Leather jewelry is known for durability. Taking care of it will make it last even longer.


Suede leather also comes from different types of animal hide and it contains what can be described as napped finish. This nap finish makes suede jewelry prone to damages. This material is not as durable as the real leather. This is why it is very important to spray your suede jewelry with suede protection spray occasionally. In addition, you can clean it with suede bristle brush. Do not use water as it can damage the nap.

Apart from suede leather and leather from cow hide, the two commonest leathers are the ones made of deer skin and the ones made of lamb skin. Both of them can be treated like you treat your cow hide leather. This is because they are similar to it in properties.

Faux Leather

This leather is also known as artificial leather because it does not come from animals. Faux leather is more expensive than animal leather because it is much more durable. It also holds moisture more than animal leather.

You need to be a little careful with your faux leather. It holds moisture but moisture can damage leather. You need to remove this leather before taking your bath or jumping inside a swimming pool. Moisture retention makes it prone to damages. This also implies that you must remove it before doing dishes.

For the same reason, when you are trapped in the rain, you should quickly remove it. It is also advisable to remove it before exercising because of sweat. In fact, sweat damages faux leather faster than water. In addition, you should spray both leather conditioner and waterproofing leather spray at least ones every 6 months to lengthen its lifespan.

The more you take care of your leather jewelry, the longer it will last for you. Unlike years back, there are now a wide variety of leather distance runner jewelry and you will definitely have a lot of options.


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