Run Inspired Designs offers a line of necklaces called "Wearable Inspiration." The necklaces are sporty and casual -- durable enough to withstand wearing while exercising, yet classy enough to wear every day to serve as a reminder of your accomplishments. Run Inspired Designs necklaces were created by women for women and feature motivational mantras to provide inspiration, motivation, and empowerment for women runners of all abilities.

We have now added beautiful handmade pieces for triathletes and yoga lovers. Both are natural complements to running and fit in well with the message of empowerment and inspiration for women of all ages and abilities.

Headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, Run Inspired Designs is owned by Linda Banks. Linda is passionate about motivating women to discover their strength from within. She hopes to create a sisterhood of women who encourage and motivate each other through the power of positive thinking.


I’ve never considered myself a remarkable athlete – and still, don’t. I was never athletic in school or as a young adult. Fast forward to marriage and motherhood and caring for an aging parent, I got caught up in the day to day business of being a caregiver and lost sight of the importance of taking care of myself.

Over the course of the next decade, a spark ignited something within that I never imagined existed. I trained for and completed another 5K – and kept going. 5K’s gave way to half marathons. Half marathons became full marathons. Full marathons progressed to ultra-marathon distances. After my 50th birthday, I’d run and completed two 100 mile ultra-marathons. It is this idea that Run Inspired Designs was born. I created a line of jewelry called Wearable Inspiration so that the wearer could have their mantra close to their heart to always remind them of their “why.”

We all have different chapters in our lives and with changing priorities, ultra-running had to be put on hold due to the demands of long training hours. During this time, I turned to the peace and tranquility of trail running and yoga. I found the solitude of being out in the forest to be healing. Trail running is about connecting with nature and conquering the course, whether it’s climbing mountains, navigating stream crossings, or scrambling over rocks and roots. I discovered yoga as a wonderful way to stretch tired muscles, but also to help balance the mind, spirit, and body.

Run Inspired Designs is a family enterprise for the Banks’. The growing jewelry line has been well received with overwhelming success by women across the country, and we have received testimonials from women who not only love their Wearable Inspiration and the message but have benefited from both while undertaking new challenges for themselves. Hearing these stories makes my heart sing and reassures me that our mission is worthwhile.


My husband, Darryl is a financial advisor by profession so we are fortunate to have him manage the business and commercial aspects of Run Inspired Designs. Darryl is also an accomplished ultra-marathoner and incredible pacer/crew person. His experiences allow him to help share the messages of perseverance and self-belief to our audience.


My two daughters, Marissa & Emmie, serve as part-time marketing managers to keep the social media engine running, as well as handling the photography for our website and advertising materials.

Marissa graduated from UNC Asheville where she was a Division 1 cross country and distance track runner. She’s returned to Raleigh and works in clinical trials for a pharmaceutical company. Now Marissa runs for herself and enjoys yoga and rock climbing in her free time.

Emily is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and enjoys strength training, yoga, and running when the mood strikes and time allows. Emmie is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Neuro Economics.

The girls appreciate the important message they are helping to send through the family business, and are role models for strength and empowerment for the next generation of women.

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“What’s Your Mantra?”






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